About Our Farm

Anak Burung Tropikana was first established 1996. The farm is situated in Ubud Bali and houses some of the world's most beautiful birds. Boasting one of the largest collections of Lories and Lorikeets in the world, along with many species of Cockatoo's, Ecelectus, Fig Parrots, Hornbills and many others.

Our Team

Anak Burung Tropikana has undergone huge development and rapid growth, recently is now one of the largest breeding farm in Indonesia, employing 10 Balinese staff.

With over 35 years experience in bird breeding and keeping, all birds are fed a nutritious diet and kept in pristine conditions to ensure optimum health.

Anak Burung Tropikana has state of the art hatching facilities and all new chicks are closed leg banded and registered with the Indonesian Government.

Anak Burung Tropikana has already successfully bred many very rare species such as Pesquets Parrots, Citron Cockatoos, Purple Capped Lories and many less rare species at their breeding farm to provide aviculturists around the world with captive-bred stock for further propagation work.

The successful breeding of the Palm Cockatoo is a source of great pride.

Anak Burung Tropikana has gained a reputable reputation supplying zoos and exporting birds worldwide.

  • DNA testing is available.
  • CITES and export permits arranged.
  • Health certificates arranged.

We welcome your enquiries.